Brides-to-be have a lot of questions surrounding their bridal trial. As a professional working Wedding Makeup artist - here are the topics I get asked about the most!

When should I have my trial?
Within 4-8 weeks of the big day. Don't book it too early - you want your skin and hair to be how it will be on wedding day. (Not sure how to hire a makeup artist? Find out here.)

Should everyone have a trial?
It is preferred that all brides have a trial so they can preview their look before their big day. If you choose not to get a trial, that's ok. Just be aware that you'll be on a schedule on wedding day, and if you don't like the look your artist creates that day of, there won't be enough time to try another one. Bridesmaids etc. don’t need to have a trial unless they have severe allergies or skin conditions that would prove problematic. If a member of the bridal party wishes to have a trial, just ask your artist.

Can you let me know the details of both consultation & bridal day makeup? What's the difference?
Here's how it works at my studio: At the trial, we go through your Pinterest boards, look at photos of your dress and colors, and talk about the look you want to create. We work together to try out the look you want, and make adjustments accordingly. It's, I hope, a very relaxing time to ask questions and possibly try out a new makeup look. I make notes and take pictures of the final look you love in order to re-create that look on your Wedding Day. On wedding day, I do a more intense skincare treatment to prep your skin to look it's best. The look is created, and polished for all day wear, and there is great precision and attention paid to getting the look exactly the way you want it.

Should I have someone with me at my trial?
This is a hard one to address. If you are indecisive or need reassurance, then a friend or mom can be helpful in reassuring you that you have made the right decision about your look. However, people have THEIR opinion and it’s not always in line with yours, so you are then faced with you being happy or wanting your makeup a certain way and the possibility of someone not liking it. Sometimes even the strongest minded of people then start having doubts about what they had planned if someone they love voices a less-than-positive opinion.

Should I come with makeup on?
It’s always a time saver if a client is makeup free, however some pictures of your usual day and evening makeup style are always handy. Remember us artists are “going in blind” so to speak - Everyone has their own way of applying makeup and it WILL look different than how you apply it. We rely on your feedback and the chance to tweak the look if necessary so you are 100% happy.

Should I put my contact lenses in first?
Yes if you are going to be wearing contact lenses on the day and want to view your makeup without your glasses, please pop them in before your makeup trial.

Should I have pictures ready to show the makeup artist?
OMG Yes! If you have a Pinterest board, share it with your artist! (or me! I’m @beautesyndicate)

Pictures are always good as a guide. Please do be realistic though - most of the images floating around the internet have been heavily edited, possibly photoshopped, and may have been taken with studio lighting or are done on models who have amazing skin and are probably 18, lol. You’ll be surprised how many pictures of Models I have been shown and asked to “look like that”. Unfortunately, makeup cannot fix texture. (that's why skincare is so important, and why it and skin prep are a part of my makeup application process.)

Having an inspiration photo is always a great place to start. As a professional makeup artist, it's my job to help guide you toward a look that can make you look your best. And the purpose of creating a look that's specifically tailored for you is this: no matter how much you want to look like that woman in the photo, no one is YOU. And that's awesome. We need you in this world!

What should I wear?
Wear comfy pants, and a shirt that is the same color as your dress. 

What if I don’t like my makeup?
Before and during the makeup application I chat with my clients, asking questions about their usual makeup style, likes and dislikes, colors… that kind of thing. I always tell my bride’s, It’s a trial. A chance to try and test the look so don’t worry - you won’t offend your artist if you need a little more or less of something. Keep voicing your opinion (with kindness, of course) and also don't be afraid to take a suggestion from your artist! She knows what she's doing.

Will I need to purchase anything to use on my wedding day?
For women with fairly normal skin, the only thing brides should need to reapply is their lipstick. I recommend you purchase a lipstick that is similar to the shade used at the trial. If a bride wishes to use a lipstick she already has then that is also fine, you will need to have it at the trial to make sure it goes with the rest of the makeup look.

It is my deep belief that Bride’s should still look like themselves on their Wedding Day. My goal is to make you feel beautiful, special, and to enhance your unique beauty - not cover it up by transforming you into an entirely different person with drastic, face altering techniques.

Trials are supposed to be fun and help set the wedding day vibe. Have fun, communicate, and don't be afraid to try new things!

Preparing for your Bridal Trial

Last updated: November 2020

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