This is a post all about touch-ups!

We want your look to stay flawless from the moment you step out of the bridal suite until you whisked away for your honeymoon. There are certain items brides need to get through the day of their wedding to maintain their hair & makeup. That’s what our Deluxe Bridal kits are for! We’ve also added a few items for those unforeseeable emergencies like if your hair snags on the veil, or you get pepper in your teeth. These problems are so easy to fix and move on from with the right emergency repair tools!

I’m going to show you the way we do it at Beauté Syndicate. All of our bridal packages include either a Deluxe Touch up kit or a lip only kit. For our Bridesmaids and Moms, we supply a lip only touch up kit. And of course if you are looking for on-site touchups from an Artist, we have options for adding professional touchups for long, hot wedding days or 2nd looks for receptions and after parties.

Deluxe Bridal Touch-Up Kits For Our Brides

Last updated: August 2021


1. Straw
The first item I have included inside is a straw! These are important because you’ll want to be sipping on water as you’re getting ready (or champagne!) without smudging your lipstick.

2. Tissues
For happy tears, I include tissues. Weddings are emotional, not only for the Bride but for her guests! Tissues are a must.

3. Q-Tips
A few Q-tips are added. These are an often overlooked item that is extremely handy for pressing into the corner of your eye to soak up a tear, or touch up your foundation.

4. Powder & Powder Puff
First I’ve added a small satchel of translucent powder. Second, a powder puff. The puff can be loaded with powder to lightly blot over the face to soak up any excess oil or to revive separating foundation.

5. Foundation (for traditional applications) & Concealer
A small amount of your foundation is included if we use traditional foundation during your makeup application. There is no good, fast way to re-touch airbrush foundation so we recommend covering small spots with concealer, gently blotting lightly with powder, or adding on professional touch up service to your beauty plan. 

6. Lipstick & Lipgloss (Lip touch up kit)
I include a small container with the same color of lipstick that was used during your makeup application in your kit! Pairing this with a few little disposable wands, you can now keep that perfect shade on allll day! Many ladies like to switch to gloss during the reception, so I’ve included a little pot of lip gloss to moisten lips and keep them kissably soft all night.

7. Toothpick
To maintain your perfect smile, we can’t forget a toothpick! One thin little wooden stick is added to the bridal touch-up kits.

8. Safety Pins
For emergencies I always include a few safety pins.

9. Hair Touch-Ups
If you select one of our Natural Glam packages, we will also include a mini hairspray, bobby pins, (that match your hair color) and small elastics.

10. Makeup Wipe
Finally, a makeup wipe to finish up! Maybe you are SO over wearing that bright pink lipstick, or you’re ready to crash in your hotel room or in your plane seat and want a fresh face, this little makeup wipe can be the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Why you need a bridal touch up kit

Our bridal kits are ever-evolving as we continue to understand new problems our brides face on their wedding days. My goal is to make your day as fun and stress-free as possible by anticipating the things you’ll need, and even a few emergency things we hope you won’t need! Paying attention to the little things makes your day full, fun and luxurious and you deserve the best!

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